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PES 2021 | Patch EvoWeb Version 6.0 | DataPack 7.0

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PES 2021 | Patch 2021 EvoWeb Version 6.0 | DataPack 7.0.


  • juce & nesa24 (Sider)
  • zlac (Kitstudio)
  • Shawminator (CGPE)
  • all Face & Tattoo makers
  • EvoWeb Patch : Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, Hoppus117, mota10, Nemanja, scottish_carson, ziyech.2304
  • NFS_FM (Some Logos)
  • ICMP Team (Other European data, Minifaces & some kits)
  • MFZ69 (UniNameFontPermissions Tool)
  • SiuMing (Web Ted Editor)
  • Maritimo (Some kit textures)
  • Aerial Edson (Some kit textures)
  • Kits for WePes (Some kit Textures)
  • gabriele-150115 (Boot assignments)

  • Features

     Full Datapack 7.0 
     All Euro 2020 Teams updated (Lineups)
    New Minifaces for all EURO 2020 Team Coaches
     All Copa America 2021 Teams updated (Lineups)
    Brusque, Londrina, Remo & Vila Nova Updates included (Lineups)
     Kit Updates for some National Teams (Ukraine, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Iran)
    - New Minifaces  National Team Minifaces for all EURO 2020 Teams
    Newest version of the Boot anf Glove Pack including several assignments via Bootlist/Glovelist (Hoppus117 thread for more Info)
     Faces folder updated (a lot of new Faces for EURO 2020 teams added)
     Some minor Graphical Updates

      Add the content and modules folder to your Sider folder.
      Add the following lua line in your sider.ini under CommonLib.lua:

      lua.module = "MiniFaceServer.lua"

      Save it and done !