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PES 2021| new UPDATE Adboard Pack v1.2

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PES 2021| new UPDATE Adboard Pack v1.2 , The PES 2021 Adboard For and PC .




  • uefa champions league 2020 adboards into the european club championship
  • uefa europa league 2020 adboards into the european masters cup
  • uefa awesome cup 2020 adboards into the ecu incredible cup
  • dfb-pokal 2020 adboards into the peu cup
  • stepped forward uefa euro 2020 adboards
  • progressed afc champions league 2020 adboards
  • fifa club global cup adboards into the club global cup
  • 2018 fifa global cup russia adboards into the international cup
  • global adboards for all other fits
  • neutral stadiumboards for the customary stadiums


Move the folder “adboard-pack-by-majuh” into the folder “livecpk” in your Sider directory. Then, edit your sider.ini; make sure “livecpk.enabled” is set to 1, and add the following line above all other cpk.root entries:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\adboard-pack-by-majuh”

Move the CPK file into the folder “steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\download\”, then add an entry for it at the bottom of your existing DpFileList.bin.