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PES 2021| NEW Mod Grip Sox

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 PES 2021| NEW Mod Grip Sox    


Hoppus 117


Delete all previous versions of “Accessories Mod of @6ons1(unfortunately the 2 mods are not compatible at the moment, don’t ask me why, I already said it above)
Extract “Grip_Sox” folder in the archive “Hoppus117 GRIP SOX MOD” on your desktop
Copy and paste the “Grip_Sox” folder in your \\sider-7.0.2 or +\livecpk folder
Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\sider-7.0.2 or +) and copy the command line
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Grip_Sox"
Place it where you like, it is not important
IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini (more details here),

3.4 MB

Grip Sox