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PES 2020 NEW Kit Pack Aston Villa FC 2021

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 PES 2020 NEW Kit Pack Aston Villa FC 2021 

The team plays home matches on Villa Park.

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How to Install

  • 1- Copy the kit file to WEPES folder
  • 2- Start PES 2020 and enter the edit mode from the main menu: “Settings”→ “Edit”
  • 3- Go to the edit mode and select “Import/Export” from the edit menu
  • 4- Go to “Import Images”
  • 5- Select the type of image you wish to import
  • 6- Select the uniform data you wish to import
  • 7- Go back to the edit menu, then to “Teams” and select the team for which you wish to change the uniform
  • 8- Select “Strip”
  • 9- Select the uniform you want to edit
  • 10- Select “Paste Image”
  • 11- Select the uniform you imported and apply changes.