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PES 2017 NEW Kit-pack Season 20-2021 V15

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PES 2017 NEW Kitpack Season 20-2021 V15


- EsLaM- EderMello- Alex LH Kitmaker- AerialEdson Kitmaker-DREAMER Recoba-98 Lord Indratco -WAHAB JR -Aykovic 10 Joystick- Zett-kitmaker- juan jose oltra- 1234KITS 

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Download & Extract file

Copy the CPK file(Kitpack 2020/21.cpk) to your PES 2017 installation folder. Generate Dpfilelist.bin by using DpFileList Tool by Baris. Play & Enjoy!

List of Kits

Real Madrid (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Barcelona (Up.Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th,Up.GK) | AC Milan (Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Juventus (Up.Home, Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Inter Milan (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Roma (Home,UP.Away, Third, GK) | Paris Saint-Germain (Home, Away, Third, 4th,UP.GK) | Liverpool (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Chelsea (Home, Away, GK) | Arsenal (Up.Home, Away, Third,Up.GK) | Manchester United (Home, Away, Third,Up.GK) | Boca Juniors (Away) | Man City (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Ajax (Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Olympique Marseille (Home, Away, GK) | Borussia Minchengladbach (Home, Away) | Atletico de Madrid (Home,Up_Away, Third, GK) | Valencia (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Flamengo‏ (Home,Third) | Bayern München (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Borussia Dortmund (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Atlanta (Home) | Bournemouth (Home, Third, GK) | Newcastle United (UP.Home, Away, Third, GK) | RB Leipzig (Home, Away) | AZ Alkmaar (Home) | Club Brugge (Home, Away, GK) | PSV Eindhoven (Home) | Southampton (Home, Away, GK) | West Ham United  (Home , Away, GK) | Everton (Home, Away, GK) | Feyenoord ( Away) | Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Home, Away) | Wolfsburg (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Leicester City (Home, GK) | Lille (Home) | Monaco (Home, Away, GK) | Porto‏ (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK) | Derby County (Away, GK) | Athletic Bilbao (Home, GK) | Celtic (Home, Away) | Galatasaray (Home, Away) | Nantes (Home, Away) | Olympique Lyonnais (Home, Away, GK) | Leeds United (Home, Away, GK) | Sheffield United (Home) | Sporting (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Eintracht Frankfurt  (Home, Away, GK) | Villarreal (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Real Sociedad (Home, Away) | Barnsley (Home, Away, Third) | Stoke City (Home, Away, GK) | Brighton (Home) | Aston Villa (Home, GK) | lazio (Home, Away, GK) | Schalke 04 (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Benfica (Home, Away) | Fenerbahçe (Home) | Crystal Palace (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Dinamo Zagreb (Home, Away, Third, GK) | West Bromwich Albion (Home, Away) | Montpellier (Home, Away, Third) | Celta de vigo (Home, Away) | Real Valladolid (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Leganés (Home, Third,) | Hertha Berliner(Home) | Hoffenheim (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Wolverhampton (Home, Away, Third, GK) | Real Betis (Home, Third, GK) | Burnley (Home, GK) | Watford (Home, Away, GK) | Mainz 05 (Home, Away) | Koln (Home, Third, GK).

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